His exile is over. His journey begun.

Basic Info

Name: Kavaki

Race: Goliath

Class: Barbarian 1

Size: Medium

Movement: 6

Initiative: 2

Passive Insight: 11

Passive Perception: 16

Languages: Common, Giant


Str 18

Con 16

Dex 14

Int 10

Wis 13

Cha 8


AC: 16

Fort: 16

Ref: 13

Will: 12

Hit Points

Maximum: 31

Bloodied: 15

Surge Value: 7

Surges: 11

Skills (Bold are trained)

Acrobatics 1

Arcana 0

Athletics 10

Bluff -1

Diplomacy -1

Dungeoneering 3

Endurance 2

Heal 1

History 0

Insight 1

Intimidate -1

Nature 8

Perception 6

Religion 0

Stealth 1

Streetwise -1

Thievery 1



Mountain’s Tenacity

Powerful Athlete

Stone’s Endurance

Athletics Bonus

Nature Bonus


Barbarian Agility

Feral Might – Rageblood Vigor

Rage Strike (Level 5)



Markings of the Victor



Howling Strike

Pressing Strike


Stone’s Endurance

Swift Charge

Avalanche Strike


Swift Panther Rage

Equipment ((E) means equipped)

Adventuring Kit

Hide Armor (E)

Glaive (E)



5 gp


The Goliath race is normally found anywhere one can experience the majesty of the wide open sky. Vast plains and mountains that reach above the clouds are their homes, and they feel equally blessed beneath storm or sun. To take the sky from a Goliath is to take their hope.

Ages past, Kavaki’s tribe was exiled to a place far from the sky. To the darkest depths of a cavern system that ran beneath the Savage Mountains. Their crime has been lost to the dust of ages, but his people have kept to their punishment with all the stubborn weight that tradition can bring to bear.

No longer. Kavaki Lightlost journeys from the depths and steps into the sun. His eyes burn, but the feel of the warm rays dancing on his skin brings soothing tears of joy to wet his cheeks. The wind begins to howl, and a storm washes over him. He dances in the storm, feeling the earth beneath his feet, the sky above, and his blood beating fast in his heart.

A deep rage took him then, suddenly, crashing out of his joy without warning. Why should his people suffer so needlessly? Any punishment they committed was long since rectified. He would prove to his tribe that not only could they now survive on the surface, they were destined to. With greatness attached to his name, he would carry the word of the spirits back to the tribe below. He would bring them the light.


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