Affortia: The Great Land

Song: Take Me away – Globus

Affortia is a land of strange magics, powerful warriors, shining cities and dark forests. The over-arching feel of the continent is that of epic adventure and heroism. The North Western areas of Affortia have a climate similar to Western Europe with the climate changing to more Arid deserts in the center of the continent.

The Northwest

In the Northwest we see the largest concentration of races and people. The Empires of Humanitas and Sylvanus comprise over 60% of the total population of the landmass. With another 5% in the small central area between the Northwestern Penninsula and the Mountains of Noble Struggle

The Humans and Sylvan Races thrive in the rich farmlands and Forrests in this part of the continent and the Stonehand Clan of Dwarves make their homes in the Mountains of the region.

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