The Green Wyld

The Green Wyld

Song: Wait and Bleed – Slipknot

Bordering the Great Ocean the Green Wyld is an untamed series of wildernesses. Because of it’s geographical location it supports everything from sub-tropical jungles to tundra in the right places. The people and creatures of the Green Wyld are all rugged and savage.

The Humans of the area organized into savage semi-nomadic barbarian clans. This area contains the largest concentration of Orcs, Goblins, Trolls, Ogres and all of the other Goblinoid and Giant races. The loose organization of these races into several bands is well documented with the largest horde being Kel’K’Sah A band of nearly thirty-thousand entities organized on one of the higher plateaus. Finally the region is home to several monstrous races, including the Dragon Blooded and the Shifters who are organized into family bands and tribes throughout the Wyld.

The Most powerful enclave of Dragon blooded are the Shek’Acgh, a collection of clannish family units bound by strong traditions.

The shifters are broken into the Sept of Long Teeth and the Sept of Razor Claw each comprising of many smaller clans bound to Sept councils. Though their names may suggest a specific predilection toward being either Long Tooth or Razor Claw shifters, at the time of the game the clans are so muddled that members of each subspecies are found in both Septs.

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The Green Wyld

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