Welcome to Songs of Our Blood

This is a D&D 4E game set in a somewhat traditional fantasy setting. There will be some cosmetic differences to the storyline but other than that it should run right out of the D&D 4E Books.

Book list

Currently the list of Books that we are running from are as follows

  • Players Handbook
  • Players Handbook 2 (Backgrounds are being used)
  • Dungeon Masters Guide
  • Monster Manual
  • “Power” Books
  • Adventurers Vault
  • Manual of the Planes
  • Open Grave – Secrets of the Undead
  • Draconomicon 1

The Character classes found in these books are all available, as are all races.

The importance of Music

When generating your 1st level character please have a piece of music from any era or genre prepared to act as a thesis statement for your character. The Lyrics, Genre, Tone, and overall feel of the song will be used to interpret several aspects of a characters personal plot and back story. Also each major Character in the game will have a similar song that will be available above game for the players to look at(which will be explained later in the Wiki)

Feel and Theme

The overall theme of the game is going to be darker than light, and there may be character death. Melodrama is important in this game as is Music and both will play a heavy roll in the ongoing flow of the campaign.

this page is still under construction

After that, take a look at your wiki. There is some more helpful info there.

Songs of our blood

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