Long Teeth

Sept of the long teeth

Song: Wolf Song

The Sept of Long Teeth are a group of shifters that draw their culture primarily from the shifters of that type. The actual mixture of races varies from human to werewolf and even all the way to wolves and dire wolves, and they have been known to even adopt other races into their families.

The basic unit of a group of Longteeth is the Pack. A pack is usually a collection of at least 2 (A mated pair) and up to 10 shifters bound usually by family lines. Sometimes packs with specific purposes are formed but all are ruled by their alpha, and resemble wolf packs. Those packs all function as a greater group in a region under a regional alpha (Usually the shifter with the strongest pack) those alphas all sit in council with one another to govern the greater nation of Longteeth.

Long Teeth

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